Positive trend confirmed: the glass industry closes 2017 with growth in revenue

The German glass industry’s total revenue rose by 3.3 percent to around EUR 9.74bn (2016: EUR 9.43bn). Domestic revenue increased slightly by 0.7 percent, while growth in foreign revenue remained strong at 7.0 percent. The number of employees working in the glass industry declined slightly by 0.2 percent to around 53,300.

Segment results

In the flat glass sector the turnaround continued, and it achieved another positive overall result with total revenue growth of 3.1 percent to EUR 1.00bn (2016: EUR 972m). The flat glass finishing segment also closed the year on a positive note with growth of 4.1 percent and total revenue of EUR 3.87bn (2016: EUR 3.72bn). Glass fibre manufacturers, on the other hand, experience a slight decline in total revenue of 0.2 to EUR 965m (2016: EUR 967m). The special glass industry is still on course for growth. It achieved total revenue of EUR 1.50bn (2016: EUR 1.43bn) or 4.7 percent year-over-year growth.

The trend in the hollow glass industry remains positive

The hollow glass industry comprises the segments of container glass and tableware glass. In 2017 it generated revenue of EUR 2.41bn (2016: EUR 2.35bn), which represents 2.6 percent growth year-over-year.

BV-Glas President Dr Frank Heinricht commented: “I’m delighted to say that the positive trend has continued throughout 2017. We’re starting out 2018 in a stable economic framework and optimistic that further growth can be achieved."


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