New adress

The Federal Association of the German Glass Industry (BV Glas) has moved to new business premises in the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry’s (BD Guss) building at Hansaallee 203, 40549 Düsseldorf.

BV Glas has been close to the metal processing industry for a long time already, having spent the past 16 years in the “Haus der Metalle” in Golzheim. It began searching for new premises when the building owner announced new plans for the property. BD Guss and BV Glas are united by a longstanding tradition and their two director generals, Max Schumacher and Dr Johann Overath, have been friends for more than 2 decades.


Bundesverband Glasindustrie e.V.
Hansaallee 203
40549 Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 (0)211/ 902278 - 20
E-Mail: info(at)