A profitable 2018 for the glass industry

The glass industry has closed the 2018 financial year with a positive overall result. According to preliminary figures published by the Federal Statistical Office, revenue was up 2.2 percent versus the previous year. One particularly welcome development was 3.9 percent growth in glass industry employees to around 55,800.

The German glass industry’s total revenue rose by 2.2 percent to around EUR 9.88 bn (2017: EUR 9.66 bn). Domestic revenue growth was moderate at 1.2 percent and the international revenue growth rate was slightly lower than the 2017 figure at 3.5 percent.

Segment results

Developments were similar across all the glass segments in 2018. The flat glass manufacturers were able to sustain the momentum after a strong first six months, closing out the year with 5 percent growth in revenue up to EUR 1.06 bn (2017: EUR 1.0 bn). The flat glass finishing sector also had a profitable year with overall growth in revenue of 1.3 percent to EUR 3.89 bn (2017: EUR 3.83 bn). The special glass industry also reported growth, posting total revenue of EUR 1.54 bn, which is 5.5 percent higher than the 2017 result (2017: EUR 1.46 bn).

On the other hand, glass fibre manufacturers experienced a minor downturn in revenue of 0.4 percent to EUR 968 m (2017: EUR 972m).

Hollow glass segment remains stable

The hollow glass industry comprises the segments of container glass and tableware glass. After a very positive first six months of 2018, primarily driven by developments in tableware glass business, the segment closed out the year with 1.8 percent growth in revenue to EUR 2.44 bn (2017: EUR 2.39 bn).

BV Glas President Dr Frank Heinricht commented: “There is a sustained positive trend in the glass industry which is reflected in both revenue and employee figures. We are still looking for qualified young employees. The glass industry includes to a wide range of segments and applications for a material that despite – or because of – its long tradition is still in high demand. Glass has a bright future in many different markets: from eco-friendly packaging to high-tech applications in state-of-the-art digital devices.”


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