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/Product policy

Product policy

Companies in the glass industry manufacture a wide variety of different glass products. Container glass products are subject to particularly strict environmental sustainability and recyclability requirements. Recyclability also plays an important role in the flat glass industry. 

BV Glas accompanies political processes relating to relevant laws and regulations (e.g. on packaging), lifecycle assessments, filling and retail sector initiatives.

The German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) was introduced in 1991. Among other things, it implements the European Packaging Directive (Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste) and obliges German companies to take back packaging after use and be actively involved in its disposal (product responsibility).

The recycling requirements are particularly relevant for the glass industry. At least 75 percent of consumer glass packaging waste must be recycled according to Annex I of the regulation. According to the German Environmental Agency, Germany has surpassed these recycling quotas for many years now. In 2014, this was already 89.0 percent in Germany.

Strengthening the circular economy will significantly improve resource efficiency in Europe. Specific European measures relevant to the glass industry include the amendment of the Waste Directive (2008/98/EC) and the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC). Glass and its circular economy will help to avoid waste, promote high quality recycling and thus, increase the conservation of valuable resources.


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