Glass processing and finishing

/Glass processing and finishing

Glass processing and finishing

There are many different techniques and materials available for glass processing and finishing. Flat glass can be transformed into a useful household aid as a self-cleaning or insulating windowpane, which reduces heating costs. Finished hollow glass products are used for medical applications such as ampoules, vials, cartridges (syringe barrels), or syringe systems. Our beverage bottles and perfume flacons feature unusual patterns, engravings, or prints to give them a unique look. Very few people and sectors of industry – from construction and architecture to furniture and car manufacturing – could survive without processed and finished flat and hollow glass products.

Many companies in the glass processing and finishing industry are based in Germany and have a global presence.  The flat glass finishing and processing industry is the undisputed number one segment in the German glass market. The Glass Processing and Finishing Trade Section unites manufacturers in the flat and hollow glass processing and finishing industry.

Highly anti-reflective glass covers

One innovative application for glass is highly anti-reflective glass covers for car dashboards and instrument panels. They minimise distracting dazzle on the vehicle dashboard, a crucial issue for drivers of convertible cars and utility vehicles. Another advantage of this special glass for dashboards is that it is extremely age and scratch resistant.

Anti-dazzle rear view mirror

New technologies such as xenon and LED headlamps will further enhance the intensity and proportion of blue light in vehicle headlamps, making anti-dazzle rear view mirrors all the more important in future. The German glass industry has developed a special rear view mirror for vehicles that has more effective anti-dazzle properties thanks to innovative coating technologies. The layers of coating are applied in a special way that enables them to adapt to the day and night vision of the human eye. The new mirror simplifies car driving, despite the increasing number of xenon headlights on the roads today.

Tableware and crystal glass

The tableware and crystal glass industry manufactures drinking glasses and other types of glass tableware, such as vases or decorative articles, for consumers and restaurants.


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