Container glass

As a natural material, glass is a popular packaging choice for all kinds of foods and beverages. Not only does it make fruit preserves, pickled vegetables and mineral water look more appetising, it offers another unbeatable advantage compared to other packaging materials: it preserves flavour and freshness, and it does not affect the original taste or purity of the product it contains. More

Flat glass

Flat glass refers to all kinds of glass manufactured in sheets, including float glass, cast glass, and what is known as blown flat glass. The Flat Glass Trade Section unites the German flat glass manufacturers. It represents float glass, cast glass, blown flat glass and special flat glass companies, many of which are international corporations. More

Utility and special glass

Utility and special glass can be found in the office or home, in laboratories, and on the digital highway. The Utility and Special Glass Trade Section unites the German utility and special glass manufacturing industry. More

Glass processing and finishing

There are many different techniques and materials available for glass processing and finishing. Flat glass can be transformed into a useful household aid as a self-cleaning or insulating windowpane, which reduces heating costs. Finished hollow glass products are used for medical applications such as ampoules, vials, cartridges (syringe barrels), or syringe systems. More


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