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About glass

Glass is the only man-made material that has been used for many thousands of years. Glass is also one of the most versatile materials and can be found in many of our daily activities. For example, glass plays an important role in everyday life, in research and science, in modern architecture, and in innovative sectors of industry. 

As a result, the products manufactured by the German glass industry have become increasingly diverse over the years. The glass manufacturing industry has a total of six sectors, each of which manufactures glass products for different applications.



There are some 400 companies in the German glass industry operating in the sectors of container glass, sheet glass, utility and special glass, glass fibre, and glass processing and finishing. 


Glass is a multitalented material

It plays many important roles in our everyday lives, in research and science, in modern architecture and in future sectors. New applications are being discovered all the time for the universal material of glass.



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