Container Glass Section

The members of the Section of the Container Glass Industry are container glass manufacturers in Germany. The association represents the sector-wide interests of the container glass industry. Container glass products include bottles, food jars and glass packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


About Section of the Container Glass Industry (Aktionsforum Glasverpackung)

Aktionsforum Glasverpackung was initiated by German container glass manufacturers in Germany with over 32 sites and around 9,000 employees. The objective of Aktionsforum Glasverpackung is to monitor the market, analyse trends and to provide all participants in the "glass cycle" with comprehensive information about glass packaging and its properties.

Aktionsforum Glasverpackung directs its communications at the beverages, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries, retailers, consumers and the waste disposal industry. It also handles media enquiries relating to glass as a packaging material. Please visit the website at for further information.