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Glass is the ecological choice

The glass industry supports sustainability. Sustainability means business, environmental and social practices which protect and enhance human and natural resources. Every new generation has to solve the problems of its age so that they do not become a burden for future generations.

The glass industry's product, glass, is a provably environmentally friendly packaging, 100 percent recyclable and causes no detriment to the environment. Glass is also used to make solar products (PV systems, solar energy modules) which harness the power of regenerative energies, and the glass used in insulating glazing helps to save energy. These are all examples of how the glass industry makes a proactive contribution to the protection of our climate and environment.


The companies which are members of BV Glas deal with environmental policy issues on a daily basis.


Glass recycling

Glass is 100 percent recyclable and, as a result, it makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment.


Energy & climate protection

The glass industry contributes to saving energy with the material through the products that it produces.


Energy efficiency networks

BV Glas joins energy efficiency networks initiative of the German Government.