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Business segments

BV Glas is the first point of contact for its members in connection with directives, opinions and recommendations on current energy, environment, product policy or technology-related issues. 


Energy and climate

The glass industry is one of the most energy intensive industries in Germany. As such, it is subject to energy and climate policy regulations. These affect the glass industry’s production operations and competitiveness. 



The BV Glas member companies deal with environmental issues on a daily basis. On the one hand, they have to obtain approval for their production plants and equipment and, on the other, there are environmental issues associated with the production and use of their products.  


Product policy

Companies in the glass industry manufacture a wide variety of different glass products. Container glass products are subject to particularly strict environmental sustainability and recyclability requirements.    



Products packaged in glass are very popular with consumers. The glass industry is responsible for supplying high quality glass containers of all kinds of shapes and sizes for customers to fill with their products.    



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